The Road To Better ChatOps With The OpsGenie Add-on For HipChat

Sep 22, 2016 by Jonard Doci

We, at OpsGenie, work to make integrating our product into the user’s existing toolset as smooth as possible. Which may seem like an unmanageable task since each customer has a unique model in conducting their daily operations.

ChatOps: Productive Chatting

A particular model of operation that’s on the rise is ChatOps. This model revolves around team communication and aims to unify all of the user’s tools, workflows, and processes into a single chatroom. An example might include a bot that pulls your code from GitHub and deploys it straight into one of your Amazon EC2 machines. All you need to do is type the command that triggers the bot to follow the action and voilà! Everyone on your team will also be able to follow the procedure live from the chatroom. Among other benefits, this ChatOps unified model makes operations more transparent and increases team productivity.

How does OpsGenie fit within the ChatOps model?

By providing integrations with major chat services, we allow our users to monitor and manage their alerts without ever needing to leave their team’s chat room.

Also, we recently rolled out our brand new HipChat Add-on which keeps our promise to include everything you need in your chatroom. The new add-on fully harnesses the power enabled by HipChat’s environment, which provides an easy to use API and freedom of development.

The Glance

One of the novelty features with HipChat are glances. Glances appear in the room’s sidebar and are used to aggregate and present relevant information about the add-on. The OpsGenie add-on uses the glance to display the customer’s total open alert count. The count is updated in real time as alerts are created, closed, acknowledged, or deleted. So, users can now continuously monitor the alert count in real time from their chat room while managing other issues.

The Sidebar Views

Another distinguishing feature of HipChat add-ons are the sidebar panel views. We use these panels to display the list of user alerts, similarly to the Web and mobile UI’s. Users may filter through listed alerts and can select alert’s to view more detailed information, as well as, execute operations such as Acknowledge and Close.

The Bot

Of course, in the spirit of ChatOps, the /genie bot commands cannot be missing from this integration. The /genie bot provides powerful operations that can be executed simply by typing in the related command.

The Cards

Last but not least, users receive notifications of any OpsGenie activity through cards posted in real time in the HipChat room. These cards include the name of the user that executed the operation, the alert message, tags, a link to the alert on OpsGenie, and a link that opens the alert details in the HipChat sidebar panel.

Check out the documents page for more details, then go give the OpsGenie HipChat Add-on a try!

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