What’s great about the NEW OpsGenie Apple Watch App?

Mar 11, 2016 by Nadia Mehra

As if you needed another reason to love OpsGenie and all its capabilities- We released an OpsGenie app for the hi-tech, sleek Apple Watch; where now, you can get the most out of your weekends and look stylish doing it.

The Apple watch and their motto of “to wear it is to love it,” and “just a raise of the wrist away” inspired us to innovate our app. With “just a raise of a wrist” you can: view and manage alerts faster; ack, close, and mute alerts without opening the app; see the on-call status along with the schedule name; see the number of open and unacked alerts; and more! Of course, this isn’t that different than the OpsGenie mobile app or the website, so what makes the Apple watch the next best thing? What makes an app on a watch so much more convenient than pulling out your phone?

Well, the Apple watch will keep you engaged with your environment, it is more immediate, and more discreet. Smart phones form walls that divide you from your environment- wearable technology eliminates that wall. Opposed to glancing down at your phone, glancing down at your watch is much less involved. Wearable technology can provide you with information immediately by responding to your environment and keeping you updated with whatever you might want to know. No need to waste time going through each and every app. Wearables are more discreet which will also benefit your environment. No more pulling out your phone, or being interrupted at dinner with your friends and family- you can take a quick peek at your watch and respond accordingly.

While wearable technology has gained traction as an activity tracker or a phone call and text notification system, we decided that allowing OpsGenie to send you notifications and communicate through something so simple will inspire you to keep moving and give you the relaxing weekends that you deserve. Check it out now on the App Store.

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